Business Tax Services

You can be assured that your business taxes are in qualified hands, as your business success is our priority also. One more example of how we go beyond the numbers is our dedication to staying abreast of the ever-changing and evolving tax laws. Our annual continuing education on corporate and partnership tax laws allows you to know we stay on top every issue to provide you with the most strategic and up-to-date business tax advice.

man in blude shirt hloding a pen while using a calulator and working on a laptop

How We Can Help You

  • Annual tax filing (1120, 1120S, 1065 990)
  • Annual tax planning
  • Entity selection

Small Business Back Office Accounting Services

Offer your business relief from the day -to-day stress of accounting business matters. As a business owner, managing the accounting for your small business can not only be stressful, it can take you away from other business priorities. We are committed to providing small businesses a collaborative, real-time, turnkey, full back office support system– enabling you to focus on running your businesses.  Despite advertising claims from software companies, software itself cannot provide the information required to understand your business and comply with payroll, sales tax, and other regulatory requirements. Trained and highly skilled personnel are needed to properly input and analyze data, and that is what we do for you at Oestriecher & Company, CPAs. We can provide all of the following monthly, quarterly, and annually accounting functions for you.

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We Can Help You

  • Processing vendor invoices and preparation of checks
  • Payroll preparation
  • Payroll tax compliance
  • Sales tax compliance
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Financial statements
  • Budgeting
  • Annual property tax and occupancy tax fillings
  • Depreciation schedule maintenance

General Consulting Services

No matter what type of business you are, a pre-revenue start-up, a small family owned business or a seasoned and growing business, we provide you with strategic advice and in-depth expertise that your business needs to help you optimize the profitability of your business.

We provide cash flow modeling to assist you in managing your capital. Cash flow issues may be the result of poor accounts receivable collections, improper inventory management, accounts payable processing, or not properly managing growth with tools such as lines of credit. We work with our clients to identify methods to improve cash flows and work with their lending partners to ensure that capital is available to manage growth.

Most businesses that have profitability issues find that the expenses of the company rather than the revenues is the issue that needs to be addressed. We work with our clients by comparing expenses to budget, prior years, and industry standards to identify areas where a company can be more efficient in expenditures. By providing constant feedback, management of a company can more closely monitor costs and improve profitability.

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How We Can Help You

  • Small business consulting
  • Cash flow issues
  • Budgeting
  • Profitability
  • Litigation support

What Clients Say

“I’ve come to count on my team, as they are always accessible. When I come across situations, I am unsure of, they are just a phone call away. Their team of experts gives me the answers I need in a timely fashion-not true of all CPA firms.”